Nokia Releases 8800 Sirocco In Gold

If you thought the gold D&G RAZR was a hit, get a load of what Nokia is trying pull off. The new 8800 Sirocco Gold edition is heading to a store near you — that’s assuming you live in Europe. This phone is completely over the top. Featuring 18-carat gold plating, the 8800 Sirocco Gold features scratch-resistant glass, sapphire-coating, and white gold accents. Sounds like a great status symbol, but does it come with any useful features? Surprisingly, yes. You’ll be glad to know the handset features a 2-megapixel camera, 262k color screen, Bluetooth, MMS, and an “ergonomic keyboard”.

So you love it, want to be the next person spotted with it at Tenjune, right? Better have the cash ready then. This puppy costs 1000 Euros which is roughly $1350 in the US and that doesn’t include tax or shipping. But hey, if eating PBJ and hot dogs 5 nights a week doesn’t bother you, might as well grab one.

Press Release [Nokia via MobileWhack]