PodZinger Thinks It Can Solve Web Video Piracy With Search Algorithms


Nobody likes piracy. Well, we do, sure, but content providers aren’t as cool with it as we are. Enter PodZinger, a start-up whose main widget—true video search—could finally save YouTube and the like from constantly being sued by the Viacoms of the world for copyright violations. With its video search technology, users are able to pinpoint, with a 70 percent accuracy so far, exact conversations in video. Looking for the scene where George and Jerry discuss growing up and changing their lives for the better? Simple search for a relevant keyword—here, “we’re not men”—and the video pops up. Neat-o.

That’s where the piracy part comes in. If companies can properly tag their vidoes—that is, let PodZinger’s algorithms analyze them—then they can sell ads based on the video’s content. Don’t be surprised if, before watching that Seinfeld clip there’s an ad about getting your life back on track. I don’t know, think some silly bank ad on how opening an account with them is the first step toward responsible living. Something zany like that.

So be on the lookout for PodZinger and more and more embedded ads. ‘Cause pirates take to ads so well.

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