Haier Boasts World's Smallest MP3 Mobile

Haier’s newest mobile phone is a beast and good things do come in small packages. Why? It’s quite simple, really, the Elegance, as it’s dubbed, is a wee lil phone with a bundle of features that make it quite enticing. Said features include an MP3 player, FM radio, Bluetooth, games and up to 200 hours of standby. The size of the phone is compared to a Mars bar and that’s not too shabby. It includes a nice colorful OLED and a scroll wheel ala Blackberry to make your way through menus. While it doesn’t have dedicated buttons for MP3 playback like the Nokia 5300, it does minimize space by doubling up the keypad as the controller. Check the vid and be amazed.

Miniscule MP3 phone [T3]