JVC Sophisti DD-3 Media System

JVC just dove into the home media center market and its latest offering is the Sophisti DD-3. Aside from an odd name, the DD-3 system is based upon speakers and a main unit. The main unit acts as a network media player, as well as a DVD player, AM/FM radio, CD player, and can stream audio from another PC. But one of the cooler features that makes the DD-3 stand out is the dedicated USB host port, which allows you to hook up an iPod, Zune, or whatever up to the system for playback. It’ll also stream music, video, and pictures from your home PC to a TV.

Of course, with JVC, you’ll be getting big names with big quality on the inside. Dolby Digital, DTS, and Pro-Logic II decoding are built-in and the total system’s power is a sweet 220 watts. I saw the speakers used on the DD-3 during CES and boy do they sound incredible. Maybe that’s why the price-tag for the whole Sophisti DD-3 system is $1000. Ouch. Better start saving your pennies real quick, because it’s available now.

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