More Insight Into Leopard Delay


Yeah, yeah, we know already know that Mac OS X 10.5—Leopard to you and me—has been delayed until October. And we kinda know that the delay is because of the iPhone. But what does that even mean?

A Silicon Valley analyst has surmised that the iPhone is so complicated to that, last minute, Apple had to pull a bunch of developers off Leopard to help work out some of the iPhone’s kinks.

Or could that just be a red herring?

Another such analyst believes that Apple delayed Leopard because it still has super-de-duper secret features to work into the OS. Clearly that’s the sexier answer, and we have heard rumors of secret features making their way into it, but we’ve seen no, you know, proof of this being true. WWDC better shed some light on this. Or else. Maybe!

iPhone: Harder to Build than Apple Thought [BusinessWeek via Mac Rumors]