Panasonic Steps It Up To 4x Burning Speed For BD-Rs

In this next-gen format war, it seemed whoever had the biggest disc ended up becoming the winner. While this fraternity-esque attitude is childish, it certainly benefits the consumer with inexpensive prices for BD-R discs. But now Panasonic isn’t going for size, it’s now going for speed. Panasonic is now claiming they’ve produced a 4x Blu-Ray disc that’s capable of burning 4x faster than the default 1x speed. Same storage size, but faster burning rate.

It might now sound like a big difference, but think back to 1994 when a 4x CD-ROM drive was the most amazing thing next to an 8MB graphics card. Plus with all that data you’ll be burning, quicker is better. No word yet on release dates or pricing.

Panasonic to release 4x Blu-Ray discs [Electronista]