Special Trade-In Deals For The Xbox 360 Elite Confirmed

We’ve heard a few rumors about Xbox 360 owners being able to get a special deal if they want to trade up to an Elite model and now some have been confirmed. Here’s the deal: If you’re going to trade in your old 360 for an Elite model, go to Gamestop. They’ll give you $50 for an Xbox (wow, not too bad at all), $200 for a Core Xbox 360, and $250 for your Premium version.

Even if you don’t plan on getting an Elite, it might be worth trading in that original Xbox. Fifty clams is a lot of cash for an old beat-up system used solely for playing Halo 2. Better hop on this deal while it lasts though. I have a feeling after the Elite has been out for a while Gamestop will lower the trade-in value.

CONFIRMED: Xbox 360 Trade-In Deal! [Xbox 360 Rally]