Apparently, AT&T Thought The Future Would Be Like Robocop

Way back in the early 1990s, AT&T put out a series of videos showcasing what its idea of a technology-filled future would be. The above video, which is part six in the series, shows two women ordering lunch from Ronny’s (the cobb salad is to DIE for), shopping for dresses with virtual mannequins, and seeing how they’d look in dresses all from the comfort of their office chairs. My oh my! How futuristic!

Be sure to catch all six videos (links are on the website). Part 2 shows a guy designing architecture on the fly with some kind of mousepad with a screen, only to be interrupted by a phone call from his nagging wife. A phone AND a computer put together? Boy, the future sure is awesome! I guess for now I’ll have to settle for my Moonshoes and Newton

Connections: AT&T’s Vision of the Future [Paleo-Future via BoingBoing]