Steve Rubel Apologizes for Saying He Doesn't Read PC Mag

Louderback counters with a right and it looks like the fight is OVEEERRRRRRR!

GRRR! Tech press fight! Steve Rubel, a blogger and PR ninja for Edelman, wrote that he doesn’t read the dead-tree version of PC Magazine and just throws that noise in the tee-rash when it lands on his doorstep. Then Jim Louderback, EIC of PC Mag is all like “WAT? PERV! BAN HIM FRM IRC!” and Steve is like “ORLY” and Jim is like “YARLY” and then Steve is all “sorry sorry sorry whatevs! JUST KDDING!” and Jim is like “STFU!”

Read on for a poll.

With the demise of the dead-tree Infoworld, one of the last print tech magazines I read — mostly for Cringely and those real-life IT stories at the back — I’d have to agree with Steve on this one. The golden age of tech print media is over, kids, and as sad as it is to say, the stuff you find on Giz, Eng, and, dare I say it, CG, is what the journo-profs call mainstream. Sure, we make a lot of dick jokes, but our overhead is nothing and the writers in our stable — Peter Suciu, Josh Goldman, Seth Porges, and Mike Kobrin, to name a few — are ex- and current print folks who seem to enjoy sending in copy and seeing it appear, relatively unscathed, on these pages. What think you on the tech press?

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