MySpace Poised to Launch News Service, Includes Mobile Updates

myspace.gifMySpace is launching a news service, using a very Digg-like voting format. While it works for sites like Digg, we have a feeling that the front page of will be nothing more than reports of how “OMG Staci is SUCH a b1tch!!!1!”

It’s beta for now (like the rest of the Internets), but reports are saying it should launch sometime today. The real question is will people use it? We don’t think so. Sure, it’s owned by a company called News Corp, but it’s also moderated and populated largely by people on their first set of downy-soft pubes.

Those on Helio or Cingular will be able to sign up for news alerts for their mobile phones, meaning the next time Britney does something goofy, you’ll be the first to know. You can also add feeds or subjects to your MySpace page. Cool, I guess. What’s interesting is the initiative: Could this be an indication of MySpace trying to forge it’s own replacement for the Web? We think so.

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