HD-DVD Wins: $299 Player On The Way

Wal-Mart and China have teamed up and this time it’s not to bring you cheap clothing at a reduced price. Walton & Co. have acquired 2 million HD-DVD players from the Great Wall Corporation, which is based out of — wait for it — China. The electronics come from TDK and Fuh Yuan, so at least it still holds a chance of not being a POS. But the best part out of all this news? Wal-Mart will be selling the players for $299, making it the cheapest high-definition player on the market.

Don’t get too excited though. No word yet on an exact shipping date but rumor is that they won’t even see store shelves until 2008. So take a deep breath, start saving your spare change, and wait it out, ’cause that’s one helluva price for an HD-DVD player.

The Wal-Mart $299 HD DVD player on the way [Engadget]