City of London Gets Wi-Fi Access: Too Bad It Isn't Free


The City of London, financial district included, is now covered by a privately owned Wi-Fi cloud. The network was created by The Cloud, a company that provides similar Wi-Fi access across Europe. What makes this network different than, say, Google’s initiative in Mountain View, Calif. is that London’s is a mesh network. In the vernacular, this means you shouldn’t lose your connection even as you roam throughout the city.

Another major difference is that access to this network isn’t free. Rather, The Cloud has licensed it off to a number of companies, which will then offer wireless access at variable rates. The network’s backers think it should be popular with users looking to make VoIP calls from dedicated handsets. Approximately 355,000 people will be able to access the Wi-Fi network.

Switch on for Square Mile wi-fi [BBC News]