Wi-Fi Could Be Dangerous To Your Health (But What Isn't?)


The Independent has a nice doom and gloom piece today, reporting that Wi-Fi could be more damaging to your health than cellphones are (which assumes that cellphones are, in fact, dangerous). And since Wi-Fi is everywhere, we’re all at risk. Never mind that radio waves have saturated the atmosphere for many, many years now and I haven’t seen any zombies running around yet.

The crux of the argument seems to focus on Wi-Fi being completely unstudied. Since we don’t know what Wi-Fi does, we must automatically assume it’s bad. Here’s an idea: how about instead of needlessly scaring the public, you hold off on publishing such articles until credible studies have been released supporting your bombastic postulations?

Danger on the airwaves: Is the Wi-Fi revolution a health time bomb? [The Independent]