Griffin AirDock iPod Dock: Now With Space Age "Remote-Controller"


If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that the Griffin AirDock looks no better (nor any worse) than any of the 2.3 million iPod docks out there. In addition to syncing your iPod, charging the battery, and outputting all audio/video to an external device, the AirDock has an RF remote control. Did you hear that? A remote control, people! Through the magic of radio, the remote control is able to penetrate most walls. Why you’d be on the other side of a wall from your iPod is beyond the scope of this post.

The AirDock — which works with all nanos, the mini, and 4G and higher iPods — does have a neat, curvy look about it. And it’s only $70, so it’s not like it’ll put you in the poor house. So if, by the grace of God, you don’t already have an iPod dock, check this one out. It’ll tell Griffin to hold off on making any more such docks until, oh, say, July.

Product Page [Griffin via MacNN]