LG KS10: Phone With Google

A while back, you may remember LG and Google announced some wacky partnership where LG would start releasing a series of phones called “Phones with Google,” which would feature some of Google’s applications pre-installed on the devices. Now the KS10 has emerged and this slider is looking incredibly loaded. Featuring Symbian 60 (It’s not a Nokia?!), HSDPA/WCDMA, a crisp 2.4-inch LCD, 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, and a media player.

My oh my are those some sexy specs. Add in the XHTML browser and microSD slot and you’ve got yourself one badass mobile device. Though the US isn’t seeing it anytime this year and the rest of the world is, the KS10 might be worth seeking out on eBay or a local import shop. Now excuse me as I clean up the drool off this keyboard…

Meet LG’s KS10: their S60 HSDPA slider with Google [Engadget]