Apple Wants YOU To Be An iPhone Tech Support Rep.

Starting next month, Apple will begin to train an army of representatives to handle the influx of tech support calls related to the iPhone. If you’re need of a job, then perhaps you should consider inquiring about Apple’s recent job posting that’s seeking a Senior iPhone Support Representative. What will your newfound position’s duties include? Well aside from re-locating to Austin, TX, here’s what some of the posting includes:

“Viewed as an escalation point, the candidate should be able to provide prompt, reliable, and accurate information to customers while maintaining effective communications during conversations by adjusting to the pace and technical level of the customer,”

Sounds like good ol’ tech support to me. To secure the position, you’ll need to have a strong knowledge of Bluetooth, WiFi, GPRS/EDGE, and cellphones in general. On top of that, 2-3 years of field experience will also be required. The iPhone is in high-demand, so maybe you should put off that lucrative career in truck driving or refrigerator repair and become the person millions of Americans will yell at on June 12.

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