AT&T Hopes iPhone Will Make Loyal Customers of You All, Cackles Maniacally


Many of probably don’t really give a damn who your cellphone provider is — you just go with the one that has the phone that you want or that’s most affordable. AT&T now hopes that the soon to be released iPhone will change all that. The phone giant knows that Apple fans are a loyal, rabid lot, and hopes that that same mentality will make loyal AT&T customers out of you yet. Yes, the ever popular halo effect.

Other cellphone providers like Sprint and Verizon Wireless, instead of running scared from AT&T and the big bad iPhone, are heavily pimping their own music services and cool, in-your-face phones like the Samsung UpStage. But since the iPhone is expected to sell quite well, many are looking at AT&T becoming the first carrier to have an actual, loyal following. I know I’ve considered switching from Verizon Wireless to AT&T just so I can have the iPhone, but then I realized I hardly ever use my phone. That, my friends, would be irrational.

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