Bang & Olufsen BeoLab9 Loudspeakers: Marketed So Fancily, You'd Hardly Know They're Speakers


These crazy looking things are the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab9 loudspeakers. Now, when you go to B&F’s Web site, you’ll notice that the copy reads like the speakers are some sort of United Nations program to save the world from certain doom. But they’re not. They’re just unique looking speakers. Yes, they have all the goodies to ensure they sound wonderful, but there’s really no reason to herald them as the Second Coming.

But what does the BeoLab9 actually offer? For starters, it’s shaped that way to minimize sound distortion. It’s got a 10-inch unit whence the bass emanates powered by a 400-Watt amplifier. It’s available for $9900 per pair, so be prepared to take out a loan if you want to create a full surround sound setup. I’m fine with earbuds, thank you very much.

Product Page [Bang & Olufsen via Electronista]