Infocase Always-On Macbook Bag Hands On

The Infocase Always-On Macbook Case in all its glory!

I recently purchased a new Macbook and I’m loving it. Like all my precious gadgets and toys, it’s important to keep them protected. Infocase was kind enough to send me their new Always-On Macbook case to spend some time with and I must say, while it certainly keeps my laptop protected, does it have all the features I’m looking for when buying a laptop bag?

The Always-On case doubles as both a case you can carry and hold like a purse/messenger bag. It’s nice to have both options and the strap for the case is easy to take on and off. But the Always-On is not a bag. It’s more like a Trapper Keeper for your laptop. The sides close together and zipper up to keep your laptop safe. This ensures a snug fit, but also means your storage space is limited.

As far as Apple laptops go, they are notorious for getting extremely hot. Spare me your story, as I’ve had a Powerbook G3, iBook G3, Powerbook G4, and now a Macbook. All of these have gotten hot as hell after an hour of continuous use, so cooling is definitely an issue when it comes to making an Apple-related case. Infocase has supplied two mesh vents on the back of the case and one on the bottom to allow airflow to your notebook. This is a fantastic consideration made by Infocase and I am in turn extremely grateful for these vents. There’s even a cute little window to show off your Apple logo! How lovely!

Keep it cool with these added vents for improved airflow

To keep your Macbook in place, there’s two elastic straps inside on the two corners of the case. Just slide your Macbook in, and zip the case up. Boom. Your gear is secure and you’re ready to roll. Sometimes keeping it simple can be the best idea a company can have.

But on the front of the case is where problems arise. Infocase is trying to keep the design and weight of the case to a minimum, which is fine. But c’mon Infocase, you have to give me more than two measly pockets to put my charger and gadgets in. Shoving my Macbook’s charger with the power cord extension into the left-hand pocket is like trying to shove an elephant’s ass into a clown car: It just isn’t happening. Once in awhile I get it to zip up, but most of the time the pocket bulges on the verge of breaking open and becoming completely ruined.

Speaking of pockets, with only two of them, you’ll find yourself leaving essential items you’d normally carry around with a laptop at home. I now must choose whether to bring my iPod for some cool tunes or my digital camera so I can snap some shots. Why can’t I have both? Because there isn’t any room for my gadgets.

Take note Infocase. You need a side-pouch on this thing.

But aside from the lack of storage, this is overall a very decent laptop case. It has the sufficient padding and protection I need in a case along with careful consideration for cooling aspects that definitely apply to my overheated Apple laptop. For $75 you could probably do a little better and find a case with more storage, but if you travel lightly and use an Apple-made laptop or notebook, then Infocase is the way to go.

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