Laptop Looks at Verizon's VX8700: Shiny + Metallic

picture-67.jpgWhile it’s not branded as a member of the Shine family, there’s plenty of bling surrounding the VX8700 from LG on Verizon. The phone has a brushed metal case, but a very slim, RAZR-like form factor.

On the front of the camera, you’ll find a 2-Megapixel camera that actually takes decent quality snaps. Inside is a large 320×240 color display, almost smartphone like. The microSD means you’ll be able to put the camera and screen to use, as the phone has VCast video playback, and can record QVGA video straight to the card.

As far as middle of the road phones go, this one’s got the features you want, including Stereo Bluetooth and EV-DO. It’s not the most full featured phone, but if style is as important to you as substance, and you’re shackled to Verizon’s CDMA network, it’s worth a look.

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