This is the Year of the PS2, Not the Wii, PS3, or 360


For all the hullabaloo surrounding the next-gen console war, and the Nintendo Wii in particular, Sony’s PS2 (yes, PlayStation 2, the one released here in 2000) will continue to outsell the Wii until 2009. Again, one of those analyst types has gone on record saying that Nintendo’s inability to produce enough Wii consoles will hurt its standing among “mass market” consumers, the very same consumer who Nintendo is betting will help it win this war. In the meantime, there’s been very little slowdown in PS2 hardware and software sales, lately owing to games like God of War II.

And what about the Xbox 360 and PS3? Well, they’d better get killer apps ASAP, says the analyst, or all those lost sales will simply transfer over to the likes of the PS2 and DS. Console wars are fun!

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