LG Looks to One Up iPhone, Then The World

You don’t mess with SK when it comes to cell phones. We, I can claim that, know what we’re doing, so just step aside and let us handle our business. The density of cell phone designs in SK would make you wet your pants – I almost did. The iPhone can kiss my tookus because I know the ‘next big thing’ will come out of Seoul and not Cupertino. After all, Apple did steal designs from LG.

LG is on the right track with the KE850, Prada, and this new patent is a glimpse into the future. It reminds me of the Nintendo DS because of the dual touch-screens. According to the patent it can process touch whether you’re using your greasy fingers or a stylus. Both screens are independent of each other and the lower screen is the main control center. It gets better because you can combine both screens to work as one and the ability to have separate objects move from one screen to the other is pretty friggin’ sweet. I can’t wait for this beast to come out!

Patent [via Unwired]