Sony Unveils PS3 Eye, World Keeps Spinning

Sony brought out the next generation Playstation Eye webcam and it sure looks pretty…pretty lame. OK, it’s not really lame, but it has a weird design. I know the microphone is said to be heavily improved over its predecessor, but wouldn’t it look better if it were below the camera? I suppose the adaptability to specifically pick up on voices to filter out background noises for higher quality chats and voice commands is the most important part. I still think it looks ugly, but I digress.

A new futuristicexpialidocious sensor makes those low-light situations bearable and improves the frame rate to better track movements for motion-sensitive games. VGA-resolution images swing on by at 60 FPS, while QVGA images speed up to 120 FPS. It also includes EyeCreate, which allows PS3 owners to record audio and video onto the HDD and you can even apply mind numbing effects! The software also allows you to film slow-mo videos and much improved time-lapse snaps of your slothiness.

Look for the USB-based Eye this summer. No word on price.

Sony launches PLAYSTATION Eye cam for PS3 [Electronista]