Windows Longhorn Server Beta 3 Available

longhorn.jpgWant you some next-gen server technology, IT dork? Why not head over to this 32-bit or this 64-bit ISO download site and serve yourself up some Longhorn.

I haven’t followed Microsoft server warez since my legitimate IT days, so I’m not quite sure anyone is particularly interested, but here are a few improvements:

* A “Go Live” license for the integrated IIS 7.0 Web server: The IIS7 Go Live license allows users to host Web applications and .NET 3.0 Web services on Longhorn Beta 3 in live production environments.
* Integration of the Windows PowerShell scripting environment into Longhorn Server.
* Active Directory Federation Services improvements that allow users to implement new policies and make it easier to set up a relationship between trusted partners.
* Support for eight Server Core roles (instead of the four previously announced).
* Additional remote administration tools to provide a more integrated management environment. * Windows Firewall is now on by default.
* Network Access Protection (NAP) is integrated with Microsoft Update and Windows Update, allowing administrators to decide which updates are critical and set policies accordingly.

Need eight Server Core roles? Sure you do. We all do, really.

Windows Longhorn Server Beta 3 released [Techamok]