FastMac Releases Blu-ray on the Cheap

FastMac really likes Blu-ray and the newest drive was announced today for the Mac Pro and PowerMac G5 platforms. The 5.25-inch, tray loading optical drive has been tested and certified compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 so no need to worry there, video production folks.

The Blu-ray drive facilitates reading, writing and re-writing to single and dual layer BR discs at a whopping 2x speed. The drive also writes at 8x speed for single layer DVD±R discs and 4x speed for dual layer. DVD±R is rewritten at 6x speed, while standard CD±R lays it on at 24x speed. The price on the drive has dropped from $529.99 to $499.99 so you’re getting a great deal if you’re in the market for a Blu-ray drive.

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