GPS + SIM = GPSIM! Right? Right!


We like GPS, mostly because we get lost a lot. For reals, when you’re stumbling home from Seattle’s The Rosebud, it seems like a straight line, but it’s not. It’s whirley and thorny, like, ya know, a rosebud. GPS in cellphones is helping, but we’re not there yet. Blue Sky, out of Europe, has an idea that could put a GPS in every phone. Unless, of course, you’re on a pesky CDMA network still.

The idea is to embed the GPS receiver into a GSM SIM card. The SIM is the Subscriber Identification Module, the heart of your phone that connects it to the network, manages your phonebook, acts as a defibrillator in case of emergency, and has the recipe for the most amazing chicken cordon bleu EVAR.

This means that even the cheapest Handset Of The Future will be able to track your every move via the GPS network of satellites. Good news if, like me, you’re bad with directions and klutzy. Yay, future!

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