Griffin Journi and Amplifi iPod Sound Systems: One's Portable, One's Made of Wood. What's Not to Like?


Griffin just came out with two new iPod speaker systems, the Journi and the Amplifi. The $150 Journi, whose name evokes the shrill voice of Steve Perry, is a portable system that’s supposed to be rugged and all that jazz. It does look fairly attractive and if it sounds as good as Griffin says it does—your music won’t sound like it was run “through a meat grinder”—it could be worth checking out. The battery should last a full 8-10 hours, which, considering it’s meant to be taken around town, isn’t bad at all.


Griffin’s other release, the Amplifi, is a 2.1-channel sound system that very much resembles Apple’s ill-fated iPod Hi-Fi. You simply plug your iPod into the slot up top then jam out. It works with all iPods from the 3G on, save for the Shuffle. It’s only $150, with its fancy pants wood panelling sure to make you “cool” and/or “hip.” Now load up the iPod with some Culture Beat and embarrass your friends at you next house party.


Amplifi [Griffin via Electronista]