Korea Says Your Cable Modem Sucks


Holy cripes. I’ve got pretty good broadband at home. I get 6Mb up and 6Mb down. I thought I had it good until I read that researchers in Koreadiaburgtonville, Asia, have figured out a way to combine downstream broadband channels into a single 144Mb connection. That’s about 20x faster than your home connection, homes.

Don’t go calling your Comcast/Cox/Time-Warner/RipOffCo yet, as the breakthrough cable modems are only for customers of a specific Korean cable ISP. That’s ok, though, as we all know that much of the tech that they shrug about over there, we’ll get here, it just takes a few years to cross the ocean. But, then again, so did the Apple TV.

Channel Bonding Cable Modem to provide speeds up to 144Mbps [SlashGear]