Breaking: Sony Will Investigate Promotional Dead Goat Event

You may have read about Sony’s recent use of a decapitated goat during a God of War II press event and how people, generally, are anti-decapitated goat used for marketing purposes. Sony now says the event was of “unsuitable nature,”—corporate speak for “we done messed up”—and that the company will investigate what went wrong and how it happened. In the company’s defense, it didn’t decapitate the goat on its own, but bought it from a local butcher. That makes it all better, sure.

Don’t believe Sony when it says it’s all about wholesome entertainment and advertising. Who could forget that whole racially charged PSP ad campaign that depicted a white woman holding a young black boy by the face? Seems to me that Sony has a history of screwing up its advertising campaigns.

Sony to conduct internal inquiry following dead goat incident []