LG + Cirque de Soleil = Quidam

This has to be the strangest partnership I’ve ever read about. LG is so enamored by Cirque de Soleil that they’ve named the newest XCanvas model after those high-flying Canadians. The Quidam is meant to showcase the TV’s blend of art and technology says LG. The latest XCanvas TV comes in six varieties with a feature that adjusts picture brightness based on the amount of light in the surrounding area, just like my SK3. Wow!!! It also features an oval shaped stand and hidden speakers. The Quidam is available in 32-inch ($1,600) and 42-inch ($3,300) models. LG also boasts that the Quidam will be the bleeding edge in the LCD TV market.

LG Introduces XCanvas ‘Quidam’ TV [Chosun Ilbo]