Skype Yer Mom

skype_logo_screen.pngSkype (my favoritest Internet communications service for voice, text and video owned by eBay) and Intel (my favoritest chipset company that starts with the letter “I”) are teaming up this Mother’s Day (May 13, 2007), giving users in the U.S. and Canada free SkypeOut calls to any landline or mobile number around the world.

The “Gift of Gab” promotion, as they’ve dubbed it, runs 24 hours. Use the time to apologize for not calling last year, or for her birthday, or coming home for Thanksgiving, or for that time you wrecked the car/burned the house down/puked on her shoes after drinking way too much Jägermeister. Oh and while you’re at it, convince her to sign up for Skype. More information about the “Gift of Gab” is available here.