Xbox 360 Elite Not So Elite After All

I’ll agree with Nicholas on the fact that the Elite doesn’t deserve an 8.5 rating just because it’s black, has a 120GB HDD and HDMI. Microsoft is continuing its quest to screw us from all sides and pinch us for money every chance it gets. Ben over at Ars Technica learned just how bad the situation is first-hand.

When upgrading to the Elite you have to re-download all your Arcade purchases, which is fair enough because you need to transfer your account anyway. The trouble arose when Ben unplugged his Elite from the net and all his games reverted back to a demo asking him to download the full version. WTF is that Microsoft?! Like any disgruntled customer he got on the phone with customer support to get some…customer support and it just spiraled down from there. He was told that he needs to register his new system and order the data migration cable.

The amount people are shelling out for the system on top of the fact that they previously purchased a 360 plus games is preposterous. WTF makes their loyal customers go through the hassle of ordering yet another cable and DRM has festooned itself onto your games and not in a decorative manner! I’m getting fired up just writing this. Pull your freakin’ heads out, Microsoft. We’re pissed and we’re not gonna take it much longer.

Migration Kit Order Form

If you upgrade into an Elite, your Arcade games have a surprise for you [Ars Technica]