AT&T Adds Unlimted Messaging Bundles, Finally


We’re all for things that can be described with the words “heavy” and “duty” put together, and the new messaging plans from AT&T (not Cingular any longer, pal) are just that. $19.99 a month gets you all-you-can-eat texting, picture, and video messaging, as well as instant messaging from enabled phones. This plan isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who use more text than minutes, it’s a godsend.

Also unveiled were similar plans for in-network texting for as little as $5. While this is good for corporate or family plans, the all in for everyone plan is just a better value. Sure, it’s $15 more, but the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to tabulate each text is worth the price of a pizza for us.

Thumbs Up! AT&T Announces Unlimited Messaging Plans [Mobile Burn]