Ebay Widgets: Share Your Auctions With More than Just Nigerian Scammers and the Elderly

Well here’s a bit of news from eBay I can get behind. I’ve all but given up on eBay at this point — I’ve just stopped selling stuff there because of numerous scam experiences — but this is something I could use. It’s a new flash widget that lets you show any number of auction items and generate discussion around them, allowing you and your buddies, for example, to laugh at women selling “slightly wet” Beanie Babies. It seems like a great way to promote your auctions to a specific forum or group or find a ready font of content for a commentary blog (WetBeanieBabySales.com, the forum for “slightly wet” Beanie Baby lovers).

The tools are available at Affiliates.eBay.com and Mike writes it up quite nicely at TechCrunch.

eBay Launches “ToGo” Widgets For Any Listing [TechCrunch]