Blackberry Curve = 8300

Browsing through the dark webs of the internet this morning, I stumbled upon a BGR article that explains how RIM is now directing traffic from to I suppose this means that RIM is going to do a huge campaign for pushing the 8300 onto consumers as the Curve. Look how well the Blackberry Pearl did without having a bunch of wacky numbers in its name. The next goal for RIM is obviously to market the next incarnation of the Blackberry to people looking for edginess and business chic all in one package.

I hear that push e-mail doesn’t hurt either.

Keep an eye out for the 8300/Curve in the coming months. Maybe then we’ll see RIM officially announce a name for this upcoming device. Curve isn’t a terrible name or anything, but you gotta admit, it does sort of have an HTC-ring to it.

BlackBerry 8300 = BlackBerry Curve? [BGR]