Green Apple = Better Monitors for You

steve_jobs_300px.jpgIt’d be nice to think that Steve Jobs is a tree-humping hippie. Ok, maybe he is. He’s from California, after all, and in a note he left on Apple’s Hot News site about making Apple more earth-friendly, he mentions that company will be transitioning all of its monitors from backlit LCDs to more eco-friendly LED monitors, among other green actions. This kicks much ass.

Not only is it good for Mother Earth, but it’s good for your desktop. LED monitors are brighter, lighter, and have better natural color saturation than LCD. In addition, they use less power, which is really good news for us portable computer nerds. They’re a little more pricey, but that should even out as more and more are shipped. And they’re better for the environment, as they contain less, ya know, poison.

I recently got to experience first-hand the majesty of LED monitors, and I can assure you it’s not hype. The picture on these things blows away your LCD or Plasma set. You might be in the market for a new TV in a couple years if the technology takes off.

In the end, you’re next Mac is going to look better than your current Mac, and make you feel even more warm and fuzzy. Look for some sort of official announcement at WWDC next month, with new LED iMacs and MacBooks to hit in late Summer.

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