Hot Fuzz: The Sleep Squad Alarm Clock

Nothing scares the living crap out of you more than the po’ kicking down your door and telling you to freeze. So if you woke up to the sound of a police officer screaming “This is the police, you have until the count of three to get out of bed or we are coming in, 1…..,2…..,3” with a hail of siren sounds and flashing lights going off soon after, I’d bet 10 bucks that you wouldn’t dare to hit the snooze alarm again. Though I doubt it beats Clocky, it’s still a pretty unique way of waking up.

All the standard alarm clock features like snooze, etc are there and the LCD is big and easy to read, albeit stuck in 1983. You can pick up a Sleep Squad Alarm Clock for only $27 plus the cost of a 4-pack of AA batteries.

Be afraid of the Sleep Squad [Ubergizmo]