Jobs Kicking-Off WWDC 2007

Everyone loves the WWDC. Know why? Because it’s the time of the year when Steve Jobs announces some awesome new product and everyone gets out their rumor machines in the big run up, hoping that this year it’s an iWoman, a lady-sized iMac with muliple ports. This year will be no exception.

Jobs is set to start WWDC 2007 with a keynote that will address Mac OS X Leopard. Developers should start drooling immediately, as you’ll apparently be walking home with an official beta copy of the new OS.

But of course, knowing Steve Jobs, he’ll pull out his ace of spades at the end of the keynote with a “special announcement”. What do you think it’ll be? New iPod? Solid-state, ultra-portable, keyword-riddled Macbook? Leave your official guesses in the comments.

Steve Jobs to kick-off WWDC 2007 [Apple Insider]