Looks Like The iPhone Needs Some Pizzazz

I’m sure plenty of you are still excited about the iPhone, but when the end of June rolls around, will you buy one? It’s not looking likely according to a recent Markitecture poll. Out of 1300 people surveyed, only 6% said they were “likely to purchase the iPhone” when it comes out. The reason? Mostly the price and having to deal with a contract/specific carrier. Ouch! Doesn’t sound too good for Apple!

But at least people know about the iPhone. 77% of those 1300 surveyed said they did indeed know about Apple’s upcoming device. Those who were “very familiar” with the iPhone said they had an excellent or very good impression of it. Sounds like the hype for your product is still there Apple, but you’ll need to get that price down to $499 for the 8GB version or you’ll have a Playstation 3 on your hands.

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