Roxio Crunch Exports Video Better Than Us

Roxio’s new product called “Crunch” is designed to convert and export video to Apple TV, iPod, and iPhone resolutions and filetypes. Support includes native QuickTime file formats such as DV, AVI, and MOV, in addition to non-QuickTime file formats like DivX, MPEG-2 and DVD-Video. Essentially, you’ll be set between Crunch and Quicktime Pro. Just don’t forget who made the word “Crunch” famous first (hint: Body by Jake).

Crunch will cost either $50 or $0 depending if you know how to use Bit Torrent properly. Sounds like a pretty decent program and if you’re all about getting your vids on the go for flights, etc., this looks like it’ll be a godsend. Let’s just hope it supports batch conversions/encoding.

Roxio’s Crunch to export video for Apple TV, iPod and iPhone [Apple Insider]