Hippy Bath in a Bag


If you’re the “outdoorsy” type, then you’re probably not very bright. The idea of abandoning thousands of years of technology, industry, social evolution and hygiene to “get back in touch with nature” is insulting to us entrenched city folk. But some of you keep it up. Whatever. Have some granola.

At least with help from the Sun, you can pretend to get clean. Solar Showers are black plastic bags containing 20 liters (“litres”) of fresh water. Put it in direct sun light for, I dunno, 3 hours or so, then hang it from a tree, and presto: instant lukewarm shower, including an adjustable nozzle. And at only $10 or so each, you can afford to pick up four or five, which you’ll need to get that patchouli stench out of your dreads, you bloody, woodsy hippy.

Via Nerd Approved