LawnBott, Where Have You Been All These Years?

Growing up in Louisiana, there was never a shortage of grass to be cut. It’s nearly a year round chore, pausing only briefly for February frosts and then resuming promptly in March.

As a kid I remember bemoaning the endeavor to no end and while cutting the grass, my mind would wander to thoughts of little robots that would do the chore for me while I sat around and played video games. Ah, the future.

Well it seems that today my wait is finally over (granted I have no grass to cut anymore). The LawnBott is it an automated grass cutting device that can mow for four hours before returning to its dock to charge. It cuts quietly, so it’s ideal for chewing up your lawn at night.

The coolest part though is that it can be run by remote control. I guess that kind of negates the purpose of having an robot to cut your grass, since you’re still controlling it, but there is something decidedly cooler about commanding a grass cutting robot via a remote than pushing an old and busted lawnmower around the yard. Plus when you get bored, you can always flip it back to automated mode and let it do its thing without supervision.

The LB2000 model is available now for $1,749. Maybe I’ll get one for my parents.

Product Page [via Sci Fi Tech]