Optimus Keyboard: Priced at $1,500, Shipped in December

op.jpgWe’ve long thought that the OLEDrific Optimus keyboard was vaporware. While we still haven’t seen anything more than a prototype, it now has a release date and price tag, both features vaporware rarely has. We’re happy to say we were wrong. We’re unhappy, though, about the fact that we can’t afford one, and you likely can’t, either.

The pre-order date was rumored to be May 12, but it’s actually May 20. We’d heard of it being affordable. That was wrong. If you’ve got a spare $1,500, and don’t mind sending it to a totally legit Russian company, you yourself can have a 100% customizable keyboard as early as December. Granted, the Optimus could have been more expensive. For the technology involved, it’s not a bad price. That being said, we’ll wait for the $200 Optinus Keyz Chinese knock-off.

Optimus Keyboard [Product Page, via Tekenstein]