Rumor: AT&T's iPhone Displays to be Insane, Fancy, Extravagant, Large


AT&T is getting all the hot phone love this summer, from the Curve to the iPhone. The question remains though: To which brand does the carrier’s loyalties lie? We ourselves find it hard to care. The Curve has a large AT&T marketing budget behind it, but reports are surfacing that it pales next to the inevitable onslaught of iPhone pain we’re about to experience.

Boy Genius has it that AT&T retail stores (you know, the ones that used to be AT&T, then were Cingular, but now aren’t) are ramping up corner and end-cap displays the likes of which we mere mortals have ne’er seen before. The stands measure 7×3-feet wide, have their own power supplies, and are Internet (or at least network) connected. That’s a little more than the clamp and phone charger the Sync gets.

We’re guessing there will be huge, insane flat-panel displays around the unit, elves that help you “slide to unlock” and bikini girls just to make sure nothing’s left out. When these guys hit, you know we’ll be the first to show you how gaudy shiny they turn out to be.

Apple iPhone Display Hitting Your Local AT&T Soon! [Boy Genius]