SMobile: Mobile Security For Your Mobile

smobile.jpgWe at CG as technology “experts” are often approached by friends and family for solutions to life’s technological problems. Por ejemplo, a friend noticed an increase in his Blackberry spam. He didn’t mind all the porn so much, but was concerned about potential viruses. And I said “You can’t get STDs from e-mail,” and he said “no dude, viruses on my B’berry, yo.” I simply replied, “You need SMobile.”

SMobile Systems has personal and network solutions for mobile security on Palm, Symbian, WinMo, Linux, Java and RIM devices. Its VirusGuard product protects you against malware delivered through e-mail, SMS, MMS, direct download, Bluetooth or infrared transmission.

Don’t think you need virus protection on your mobile device? The company predicts more than 80 percent of mobile malware will be aimed at exploiting weaknesses in communication interfaces like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and MMS.

SMobile Systems [company site]