SuTree: User Aggregated Instructional Videos

sutree.jpgIsrael-based internet company, E-learning Knowledge Solutions, recently launched, a video aggregation service where users can add and categorize instructional videos from across the web, providing a directory of video that would often be buried under the weight of competing content on sites such as YouTube and MetaCafe.

The service is similar to Scouta, in that instead of being primarily machine aggregated content, users on both services are encouraged to add the content themselves, tag or categorize it, comment and add to a larger directory to be shared by others, although SuTree does lack at this time any ability to automatically suggest video.

The site has over 5000 videos indexed across a broad field on interests, ranging from Kids through to Pets, Electronics, Food and Business. I was particularly impressed with the variety of source material, its not just the usual collection of YouTube videos that a prevalent on many aggregation sites, but from a much broader field including video from specialist content providers within each area of interest.

It would be easy to bag the site in terms of it Web 2.0 credentials, navigation is very much old school and doesn’t jump out and hit the casual visitor with a flurry of Ajax and DHTML goodness, but for its target audience of beginners, mothers, those with hobbies or seeking to learn something new it provides a nice rounded package that utilizes user generated inputs for the delivery of some great knowledge to many.