Tragedy in Legoland: Woman Dies in Lego Rollercoaster Accident

lego.jpgOne of, if not the favorite toy of geeks and Makers everywhere is Legos. The small plastic snap-together bricks can be used to make about anything. In fact, Lego is considered by some to be the most popular toy in the world. So popular, in fact, that in Denmark there is a theme park dedicated to the bricks.

And it was at this theme park earlier in the week that a Legoland employee lost her life. A guest at the park had lost his wallet on a Lego roller coaster. The 21-year old woman jumped over a safety fence to retrieve it, and was promptly hit in the head with the Legocoaster’s car. She died instantly.

We could make a tasteless joke about how heroic bystanders quickly built an ambulance out of the available bricks, but we won’t. Instead let it be a cautionary tale: even if you are an employee, safety fences are there for a really, really good reason.

Legoland Employee Dies After Being Hit by Roller Coaster [FOX News]