XLR8 to X-Tend with Brickhouse Mobile

BrickHouseLOGO.jpgContent originator and distributor XLR8 Mobile has signed a multi-year deal with Brickhouse Mobile to extend XLR8’s brands. This deal will help bring original and acquired content from XLR8 to mobile phone users around the world, including such offerings as Bikini Cocktail Videos featuring “top celebrity models” providing bartending tips with what the companies call “a splash of sex appeal.” Other products will be even racier, with levels including glamour, topless, nude and softcore. This content will be available via carrier handsets in both domestic and international markets.

As part of the deal Brickhouse Mobile will get to take the role of doorman to virtually check IDs, and implement a variety of methods to insure that content is only viewable by age appropriate audiences.

XLR8 Mobile