AACS Members Looking to Track Down People Who Published Encryption Key


Now you’ve gone and done it, Digg users. Sure, you all had fun posting the encryption key—E-I-E-I-O or whatever the hell it is—all over the place thinking, gosh darn it, I’d like to see the AACS fuzz come after me.

Well here they come, you little revolutionaries.

The AACS is looking at the “legal and technical tools” to track down those who published the key, saying that y’all crossed the line by posting it all over the place in an act of rebellion.

What’s more, the key won’t even work for newly released HD DVD titles since the one that’s been released as been revoked. In short, you’re posting a worthless line of hex, one that could quite possibly get you into trouble.

But go ahead, keep fighting the good fight for us.

DRM group vows to fight bloggers [BBC News]