Joost, She Is Dying


I know, I know: I owe you guys Joost invites. I’ll try to put something together next week, but as we’re learning today the service is massively overburdened. According to Liz over at NewTeeVee, they’ve been having all sorts of trouble on their Intel Macs and that Joost is looking into the problems as we speak.

I tried Joost for a little while last week and I found fairly usable, if a little silly. Watching TV on a computer is difficult. If you’re not completely engrossed, you’re essentially generating white noise for yourself and if you’re engrossed, you’re not doing any work. I think it’s a compelling idea — building out a homebrew broadcasting service from the ground up — but I’m worried about its long-term value.

Joost is Error Prone [NewTeeVee]